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After transitioning to WordPress, I started writing up my newer projects as ‘blog posts’ rather than ‘pages’. Please find below a list of links to every electronics project related blog post:

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  1. Peter Gant DL8OV says:

    Hi there

    Just a few thoughts about your oscillating GALI amplifier:

    1) The amplifier is designed to work at 50 ohms so all of those long thin PCB traces will not have helped. Proper 50 ohm lumped lines on the input and output would be better.

    2) All of the GALI datasheets show a power supply line that has an RF choke in series but in your schematic it’s missing.

    3) If all else fails and you still have an oscillating part try gluing a ferrite bead on top of the chip. It sounds crazy but it works.


    Peter M Gant DL8OV
    Darmstadt, Germany

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