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  1. Ignacio Navas says:

    Dear. Mr Scott
    I’m working with the propeller and the ST LIS3LV02DQ acelerometer, but I’m having problems.
    Do you have a connection squeme expecilly the resistors values in the IO lines? do you have also the code for propeller ? how you connect it, via SPI or via I2C?.
    Please help me I’m quite desesperate. You will also gain a friend here in spain.


  2. admin says:

    Hello Ignacio, I think my current design uses 150 ohm resistors. I’m not sure they’re even necessary; I mostly throw them in to prevent overload in case of a programming mistake (prop and peripheral outputting conflicting values on an IO line, etc). I’m using i2c. The schematic and code came from the book “Programming and Customizing the Multicore Propeller Microcontroller”. I think they have the code from that chapter available online at http://ftp.propeller-chip.com/PCMProp/Chapter_06. Look for _Tilt.spin and i2cobject.spin.

  3. Dear Dr. Scott,
    I would like to describe to you the problem I am having in using the ST LIS3LV02DQ accelerometer.
    By setting properly the values of the control registers, it is possible to select the data rate at which acceleration samples are produced. By changing the content of DF1,DF0 to “00”, “01”, “10” and “11” the selected data-rate will be set respectively equal to 40Hz, 160Hz, 640Hz and to 2560Hz.
    For example, if 160 Hz is selected, the accelerometer updates the registers storing the acceleration samples every 6.25 ms.
    What I would like to ask to you is: how should I use the accelerometer if I would like to sample at a rate different from the 4 available values? I’ve tried to read the registers from the master MCU at 200Hz (once every 5 ms), and of course what I get is a signal full of repeated samples, since I am reading the registers every 5 ms, but the accelerometer is updating them every 6,25 ms. What if I would like to take a sample exactly at the time the MCU wants, without following the output rate of tha accelerometer?
    I would really appreciate your help in solving this problem.
    With best regards,

  4. graffix says:

    im trying to do the dancebot also and was wondering if the https://www.parallax.com/Store/Sensors/AccelerationTilt/tabid/172/CategoryID/47/List/0/SortField/0/Level/a/ProductID/97/Default.aspx would be a acceptable alternative to the LIS3LV02DQ so i could avoid the above purchase.also potential problems if i did.

  5. graffix says:

    I orderd the parts in the manual.Icant seem to get the above link to work.idk

  6. graffix says:

    im good thanks anyway

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