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  1. Craig says:

    I’m thinking of building a high voltage version of your LM2576 power supply. Do you have an updated schematic showing the additional 3.3 volt zener diode? Also, how do you obtain the 1 volt reference used by the current regulating potentiometer?

  2. admin says:

    I don’t have an updated schematic handy, but the modification for the zener is pretty simple. It’s from ground to the feedback pin of the LM2576. I believe I derived the reference for the potentiometer from the same supply that feeds the op-amp. I used a 22k resistor from that supply to the pot. According to my calculations, this should have yielded a range on the pot of approximate 0 – 2V. Part of that range is wasted, as my supply is never going to get up to 2A output, but it was a reasonable simplification of the circuit from parts I had on hand.

  3. Naff says:

    Hi, first of all, you made a really interesting project, good video and explanation.
    I want to make something like this, but im having some trouble, can you post/send some schematic with the values of all resistors/capacitors, and can you tell me what is the max current that the circuit can cut???

    I would be really greatfull 🙂

    Cumps and keep making the projects

  4. Azam Caneene says:

    thanks for the circuit, I have an LM2596 and I was searching for a circuit to limit the output current and now I found it. I would like to know, since I am in the design process, if I want to limit the current to 2.5A, does that mean if my load requires more than 2.5A, the LM2596 will shut down? if so, this can also serve as short circuit protection.

    thanks again for the circuit

  5. André says:


    do you have some updated schematic that can provide??
    Im trying to build a regulated power supply, but my current regulation in not working properly, what are the potenciometer values that you used for current and voltage??


  6. Lukasz032 says:

    I have expanded your construction to build the 6-channel LED regulated current driver using six independent LMs and driven from an AVR by RC-integrated PWM signal. Will send some follow-up after my prototype start to work 🙂

  7. FataleLieberi says:

    Your circuit is very helpful for me to understand about SMPS. However, there is something bugging me. How do you supply the LM2576 with rectified unregulated AC without breaking the IC? I’ve looked up the datasheet, and it says max supply voltage is 60V for the adjustable version. How do you manage that?

  8. mmt says:

    The maximum voltage for the feedback pin is 1.23, but you apply a lot of voltage (10 volts) by inserting the LED at the output of the amp amp.
    What are the reference voltage calculations?

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