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After transitioning to WordPress, I started writing up my newer projects as ‘blog posts’ rather than ‘pages’. Please find below a list of links to every electronics project related blog post:

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  1. uMinded says:

    Are the keyboard PCB layouts available? This would be the perfect key layout for one of my projects. Looks like it uses a simple I2C bus extender for easy chaining.

  2. Nick Stock says:

    Hi Scott! I’ve gone ahead and ordered a set of boards to make one of the calculators (I was a backer on the (alas) unsuccessful Kickstarter). Is there a BOM and any instructions on how to upload the code etc that’s available?



  3. admin says:

    I don’t think I have a BOM up yet. The code is all python, and should mostly be a matter of copying it to the Raspberry Pi and running it. I’ll take a look through the documentation, and see I can think of anything that needs to be added.

  4. Sean says:

    Are the boards available for purchase? If not are the designs available for purchase so we can have boards made. This looks really cool.

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