This page include links to useful sandrail information:


How to Rebuild your Volkswagen Air-Cooled Engine

This is a very good book — I used it to rebuild my stock 1600 vw engine. buy it now!

Baja Bugs and Buggies

Another excellent book. Lots of information about VW-style suspension, etc. buy it now!

How to Hotrod Volkswagen Engines

Another good book – I own this one too! Contains lots of sections on performance-enhancing techniques, such as how to use bigger pistons and cylinders, super/turbocharging, etc. buy it now!

How to keep your Volkswagen Alive

This one I don’t own yet… maybe if I make enough money from books sales I can buy it… 🙂 I’ve heard good reports on this book — lots of maintenance tips about the VW; not sure how much is applicable to sandrails. buy it now!

Mazda Rx-7 Automotive Repair Manual (1979-1985)

This is the manual that I used to figure out my engine. It contains good information on the 12A and the early 13B. It also shows how to take apart and rebuild the stock carb. buy it now!


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