The Cerberus Incident

Current ReleaseVer 1.1, Aug 27, 2006

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  UPDATE: The Cerberus Incident was a prototype for a 3D RPG engine that I had intended to use for LOD. It ended up being put on hold indefinitely with no plans to continue work.

The Cerberus Incident is the first game to use the new “Devastation Engine” that I’m developing to power the standalone 3D version of Land of Devastation. The Cerberus Incident is not affiliated with the television series “LOST”. Any similarity is purely unintentional. That being said, … you have joined a mysterious organization that promised you an exciting research project on a mysterious tropical island. You’ve been assigned a research station called ‘the eye’, manned by a two person team. Something has gone horribly wrong. Your partner is dead, and The Cerberus Experiment needs to be shut down…

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The Cerberus Incident is a “mini role playing game“. This means is relatively short. An experienced player can complete the game in a couple of hours. The maximum level your character(s) will obtain is around level 3.

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Here is a screen shot of The Cerberus Incident:

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No Hassle Guarantee: 

This software features the SB-Software “No Hassle Guarantee“. This software contains NO spyware, NO adware, NO viruses, NO trojans, has NO disabled features, and does NOT expire. 

Recent New Features 

Here’s a run-down of some of the new features introduced in versions 1.1: 

  • Changed some scorpions to ‘weak scorpions’ to help out first-level characters when they leave Station 1.
  • Added a difficulty feature for those who find the game too difficult, or not difficult enough.

Beta Versions 



The Cerberus Incident features 3D Graphics. This requires a high performance PC, with a modern 3D graphics accelerator running DirectX 9.0 or higher. 

Although The Cerberus Incident is distributed as a shareware program, the game is fully functional; the only part that is disabled for unregistered users are the ‘cheat’ keys, which you really shouldn’t use anyway. 

The cerberus features many exotic locations, with a total of seven research stations, each conducting their own experiments. It is up to you, Felix, to determine how these stations relate to the Cerberus Experiment and how to shut down Cerberus so that you can escape the Island. 

Useful Links:

Click here for a walkthrough of The Cerberus Incident.


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