Older Electronics Projects

This section holds some of my really old pages, stuff that carries over from my previous website.

Tube Amplifier, which I assembled from the K-16LS kit from S5 electronics. This was my very first vacuum tube project.

Network Thermometer, one of my early projects that used an RCM2200 module to allow the temperature to be viewed from anywhere in the world over the Internet. The RCM2200 was one of the first microcontroller modules to feature built-in ethernet.

Network Power Strip, lets you turn AC devices on and off from over the Internet. Also based on the RCM2200.

Sherline Milling Machine, Sherline was one of the first to offer an easy CNC solution for the hobbyist.

Old PCB Fab Tips, this was a very old page I wrote up with some tips on fabbing pc-boards. Most of what’s there is probably obsolete. These days I use Eagle and have Osh Park fab my boards.

Power Supply, one of my first projects that I build when I was a teenager.

Propeller NTP clock, version 1 and version 2, an LCD clock that I build using the parallax propeller microcontroller and the ENC28J160 ethernet controller.

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