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Generally, I make it a practice not to release source code, but there were a lot of unfinished programs that I released back in 1992. If you do decide to work on or complete any of these projects, then please do give me credit for the original project, and please keep me informed as to your progress. Also, if you plan to dsitribute any of the following items for profit, then please see the “Royalties” section at the bottom of this page.

Note: Many of the files are zipped using “Arj”. Winzip should be able to unzip that format. All source code is in Pascal — for use with Borland compilers.

bakersrc.zip all of the .arj files below zipped together
mach10.arj Mach-10 was my second attempt at writing a bbs packages. I ran it for a few years before my time became scarce and it fell behind the rest
of the more powerful bbs packages out there. Nevertheless (sp?), it would make a good framework for a bbs package.
newgal.arj NewGal is the sequel to Galactic Warzone. Unfortunately, it never really took off and has remained unfinished for quite some time.
newmsg.arj This is the source code for some message base handling routines of mine and a fidonet mail tosser to go with it. They are used by both Mach-10 and HPReader.
rpg.arj Here we have attempt #2 at writing a role playing game. This was designed to be a text adventure / role playing game for multiple players. It utilizes a multitasking type of system which allows the sysop to play at the same time as the users.
sb.arj In here is some source code for dealing with the soundblaster card (or other similar sound cards). It may be used by some of the other programs in this package.
super.arj “When Super Powers Collide”. This was going to be my own replacement for Geopolitics. I wrote the bulk of it using a laptop on the way to a camping trip. But unfortunately, it has sat in the bit bucket since I got back.
syn.arj DOS Syntax helper for dos 3.30. I guess I was just bored one day! What more can I say… It’s of little value, but who knows, there just might be something useful in here.
trivdoor.arj This is the framework of a trivia game that I was designing not too long ago. Unfortunately, other projects took over my time and this got backlogged.
wizard.arj Here we have attempt #1 at a role playing door. Written a long time ago, but perhaps someone can rebuild interest in it.

More Files:

doordr50.zip DoorDriver version 5.0 — used with most of the above door games


Although I am placing this source code up for all to see, I want to make it clear that I still do hold a copyright on this code. If you use it in a program and collect any money from it, then I expect to be compensated. I think 30% is reasonable considering the effort I have put into some of this code. Plain and simple: If you collect any money from the use of this source code, then give 30% to me for the teffort I have put into it.

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  1. Scott Jones says:

    Although I did not major in Computer Science, I earned 16 credits in programming in the course of getting my Bachelors Degree.

    Borland Pascal was the 3rd language I learned and I loved it.

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