Z80 Retrocomputing 16 – Unix on RC2014

I this video, I install a Unix variant called Fuzix on the RC2014:

No new hardware is introduced in this video, I use the same Flash-ROM/RAM board that I used for RomWBW. Thanks to William Sowerbutts for pointing me to the distribution and helping me along with a few issues.

There were a couple of changes necessary to get FUZIX to work on my RC2014. Most significantly, I added support for the SIO/2 and ACIA. I also removed support for the real time clock and faked it out to always return a time of zero. You can find my changes in my fork of fuzix at https://github.com/sbelectronics/FUZIX.

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  1. Jay Cotton says:

    Hi Scott:

    Wondering if you have the fuzix rom hex file for acia posted anywhere. I want to avoid the major porting effort needed to get the cross builds working.


  2. Jay Cotton says:

    Guess I should also say it the rc2014 stock version.

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