Building a Micro 8088 Single Board Computer

In this post, I build a Micro 8088, a new XT compatible single board computer designed by Sergey Kiselev

Previously I’ve built the RC-2014, Zeta 2, and Xi 8088, so when this new Micro 8088 design form Sergey Kiselev became available, I jumped at the chance to build this one too. In function, the Micro 8088 shares a lot with the Xi 8088, but in design it’s completely different. Whereas the Xi 8088 used many separate vintage ICs (DMA controller, Interrupt Controllers, timers, etc) as well as the associated glue logic, the Micro 8088 combines many of these individual components into a single large peripheral controller chip, the FE2010A. The resulting design is much simpler as well as in my opinion more stable and repeatable due to the reduction of variability.

For more about the Micro 8088, consult Sergey’s github repository at

Here are a couple build pictures from my build experience:

Micro 8088, bare pcboard

Micro 8088, Sockets Installed

Micro 8088, Complete

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  1. Wing says:

    Just found your site. Nice. Just started getting into retro computing, looking to build a 6502 based computer as a starter. The micro 8088 looks great as well!

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