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DIY Wireless Temp/Humid/Pressure sensors with Raspberry Pi Receiver, for monitoring stored 3D printer Filament

In this post, I made some wireless sensors, using BME280 temperature, humidity, and pressure sensors, together with SYN115 transmitter modules. I used these to verify the storage of vacuum sealed “PrintDry” 3D filament storage containers. Purpose I bought some PrintDry vacuum sealed containers on Amazon. These are high-end containers, costing about $20 each. Yes, that …

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Resistive Load, Constant-Current Power Supplies, and a 3D Printed Desk Lamp

In this video, I build a 3D Printed Desk lamp. The basic design came from Thingiverse, but I repurposed my LM2576 Constant-Current design to serve as a dimmer. Motivation It all started when I found an interesting lamp on thingiverse,, which used used 75mm air hose segments from another model,, to make a …

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