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DIY Wireless Temp/Humid/Pressure sensors with Raspberry Pi Receiver, for monitoring stored 3D printer Filament

In this post, I made some wireless sensors, using BME280 temperature, humidity, and pressure sensors, together with SYN115 transmitter modules. I used these to verify the storage of vacuum sealed “PrintDry” 3D filament storage containers. Purpose I bought some PrintDry vacuum sealed containers on Amazon. These are high-end containers, costing about $20 each. Yes, that …

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Resistive Load, Constant-Current Power Supplies, and a 3D Printed Desk Lamp

In this video, I build a 3D Printed Desk lamp. The basic design came from Thingiverse, but I repurposed my LM2576 Constant-Current design to serve as a dimmer. Motivation It all started when I found an interesting lamp on thingiverse,, which used used 75mm air hose segments from another model,, to make a …

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Raspberry pi based indoor air quality monitor

In this video, I build an indoor (and outdoor?) air quality monitor: Motivation For years I’ve followed the “uRadMonitor”, a device that does air quality monitoring and radiation monitoring. I’ve played with geiger counter projects before and frankly found them to be not very interesting. However, the idea of monitoring air quality is something that …

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