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MiniDigi and MiniAMP

DSP4YOU ( is a company that makes tiny audio DSP (digital signal processor) kits. For this particular review, I’ll be reviewing two of their cards, the MiniDIGI and the miniAMP. Like most of my reviews, lets start off with the picture: The miniDIGI and miniAMP are the two little cards sitting on top of my …

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TED-5000 from the

This is a review of the the TED-5000 from This is kind of a unique contraption, so lets start by saying what it is and why you might want it. There’s some psychological evidence that merely being aware of your energy usage will cause the average person to become more conservative. Take for example …

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WordPress and mod_rewrite

Apologies in advance that this is a long and confusing post… Part 1: The problem I decided I wanted to migrate my old Land of Devastation website at over to a subsection of There are several reasons for this, chief among them being that the Land of Devastation website doesn’t really stand by …

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