Aoyue 128 Soldering Tip Polisher Review

Unable to resist yet another gadget, I bought a soldering tip polisher. Someone please save me from myself…

The tip polisher costs about fifty bucks. There’s a lot of plastic in the construction of the product, but it seems to work. It has two rotating brushes, driven by a small belt and a 12VDC motor. Some high resolution pictures of the tip polisher are shown below:

Aoyue 128, connected to my PSU to measure power consumption

Here’s some pictures of me cleaning my soldering iron tip:

Soldering tip, before cleaning

Soldering tip, after cleaning and plating

As you can see, it did a decent job of cleaning up what was a fairly cruddy soldering iron tip. The motor draws about 730ma while free running, or about 950ma if I stall it by shoving my finger into the brushes. The included 2A switching power supply should be sufficient.

Would I buy it again, if I had it to do over? I suppose so. It’s not an expensive tool, and it does do a reasonable job of cleaning the tip.

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