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Windows Live Writer

The next phase in the experiment is to play around with some editors. At the moment, I’m testing ‘Windows Live Writer’. Installation was fairly easy from Microsoft’s site with a few caveats. The installer automatically tries to install a bunch of Microsoft bloatware that I didn’t want (Mail, etc). It also wants to set my …

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The CinemaTube BV-5005HD is a standalone media player with HDMI 1080p output. First, some background on my particular application. I always wanted a DVD jukebox so that I could store all of my DVDs in one location and watch them at will without having to chase down a DVD and insert it into the player. …

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Optiming wordpress with WP-Cache

In the last entry, I was fretting over lousy database performance adversely affecting  wordpress. Since then I had a chance to install WP-Super-Cache and evaluate the effects. I’m operating it in “half cache” mode at the moment, and may try operating it in full cache mode later. This benchmark ran for approximately 8 hours and …

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