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Cisco 861W router

I got a little bit tired of my D-Link router requiring the occasional reboot to get the access point working, so I decided to go a bit wild and buy a Cisco business-class router. The one I chose was the 861W. This page is going to describe my various experiences getting the new router up …

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Aoyue 852A Hot Air Rework Station

I recently decided to try my hand at SMD work, and I purchased this inexpensive chinese-made hot air gun. I’m new to this, so this is my first time trying it out. I’ll write up more as time permits. For now, here are a couple of videos: youtube video of my demo of the AOYUE …

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MiniDigi and MiniAMP

DSP4YOU ( is a company that makes tiny audio DSP (digital signal processor) kits. For this particular review, I’ll be reviewing two of their cards, the MiniDIGI and the miniAMP. Like most of my reviews, lets start off with the picture: The miniDIGI and miniAMP are the two little cards sitting on top of my …

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