pyTivo plugin for sirius satellite radio on Tivo

pyTivo plugin to support Sirius Online Radio
Dr. Scott M Baker,

Download Link –

version 0.1: pytivo-sirius-0.1.tar.gz

Limitations –

This plugin is extremely beta. Meaning, I got it work well enough that I
can listen to “80s on 8” and that’s all that’s really important to me.
Things that are known to be broken include –
* Linux only
* Does not with Windows (in case you missed the line above)
* error-checking is virtually nonexistent. If something is broken,
you’re probably screwed. I hope you know python.
* the “play” page shows a bogus duration of 10,000,000 milliseconds
* the “play” page shows “unknown” for all other fields
* song title and artist information is not displayed or updated
* leftover named pipes may be left in /tmp
* orphaned mplayer and/or ffmpeg processes may get left around

Basically: IT WORKS FOR ME. It may or may not work for you.

Acknowledgements –

Pyxis: much code was used from the Pyxis online player,

Sipie: precursor to Pyxis,,

PyTivo / wmcbrine: I used the music plugin as a basis for this plugin from the wmcbrine distribution,

Prerequisites –

1) You must have ffmpeg installed
2) You must have mplayer installed
3) You must have an mp3 encoder installed for ffmpeg (I used liblamemp3)

Those things listed above are actually important. You should check them.
Getting liblamemp3 working with ffmpeg was nontrivial for me. I had to do
the following:
1) build liblamemp3 from source and install it
2) copy lame libraries from /usr/local/lib to /usr/lib
3) configure ffmpeg with –enable-liblamemp3
4) build ffmpeg from source and install it


Everything in this directory should go into pyTivo in plugins/sirius


Add a section to pytivo.conf that looks like this:

type = sirius
path = none
username = <put your sirius username here>
password = <put your sirius password here>

Also, add a path to mplayer to your [Server] section:

… other pyTivo stuff
mplayer = /usr/local/bin/mplayer

Troubleshooting –

If and when something goes horribly wrong, look at the console output
and try to figure out what it was.

The Tivo music player is very fragile. Failure of a stream can occasionally
cause it to fail to the point where reboot is required to get it to work

Make sure your ffmpeg has MP3 encoding support (liblamemp3, etc)

Make sure your sirius username and password are correct

Try downloading pyxis and see if it’ll work for you (it’s a command-line
Linux sirius player)

Future Plans –
None, really. I don’t have much time.

Song titles/artists would be nice.

This probably should be setup on one of them fancy git respository things.

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