New 3D Printing Channel and Website

Now that I’m doing more and more 3D printing projects, I decided to create a separate channel and website to host the 3D printing projects, and keep this website primarily focused on my electronics projects. The new youtube channel is smbaker-3d-prints.

On this channel, I do the occasional filament review, print some models and try them out. I even have a few hacks, like the time I replaced my Prusa’s LCD with a VFD:

The new website I decided to call I named it this because one of the things I intend to post over this is filament reviews. I subscribe to a product called “Makerbox” that sends out four samples per week, and when interesting samples show up, I’m going to try to make a quick filament review post. For example, I really liked this Candy Apple Golden Pearl from Atomic Filament. I liked the filament sample so much that eventually when it comes time to restock, I’ll probably grab some.

I also will be generating filament reviews when I purchase my own filament. For example, recently I decided to get into wood filaments, so I purchased some Hatchbox Wood. This was the first wood fill filament I ever purchased, so it was a new experience, not knowing whether it would turn out looking like wood. I feel this particular filament was especially successful and to me certainly has a non-plastic more wood-like feeling, even if it lacks the grain that one would normally see in real wood.

There may occasional be projects and other posts on the channel. Sometimes I just make a video of a model that I found on thingiverse, other times I might make a video on some model that I designed myself, like that RD6006 case, or the quick mount for my Lume Cube.

This website also hosts my master index of Thingiverse “Best of the Week” lists. When Thingiverse stopped featuring best of the week collections, I started creating my own. These collections are based on my personal preference (which do reflect a lot of electronics things, like Raspberry Pi cases, project boxes for various electronic projects, motorized and mechanized models, etc), but I also try to venture out and pick a few spectacular and interesting models like DND figures or busts. As I now have a daughter, the occasional toy or figurine catches my eye. I’ll try to keep that index up to date with my most recent collections. Each collection features approximately a week’s worth of models.

As always, comments are welcome, both on the youtube videos and on the blog posts on the website.

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