Green Rail

Scott’s other sandrail.

The green rail was my other sandrail. I kept this one in Arizona (as opposed the red rail which is kept in Oregon… never shall the two rails meet!)

I sold the green rail a few years ago, hopefully the new owner is still enjoying it!

There’s a couple of movies that I made listed at the left of the green sandrail in action. The green rail has a VW 1600 engine.

The green safety fence is used to make a place for the dog to sit (the dog would much rather prefer the passenger seat, but so does the passenger….).

The conditions in Arizona are so very dusty that I had to raise the air cleaners to keep them out of the dust stream — that is what the white hose is on the sides of the rail:

Extending the air cleaners to a weber ICT carb was easy. The white hose is 1.5″ spa hose. You can find it at your local home depot. The filter can be clamped down directly to the spa hose, and the hose is attached to the carb with a black rubber sewer fitting (the rubber fitting comes with 2 hose clamps on it), also from the local home depot. The spa hose is heavy duty thick PVC-like stuff, that is very stiff and resistant to kinks.

Here is a picture of the instrument panel for the green rail:

The instrument panel uses a pre-made aluminum console from the local VW parts supplier (many VW stores also carry this same panel). The gauges are a VDO cylinder head temp and a VDO oil pressure. The three switches are sand-sealed and control the ignition and lights. The console is mounted to a hinge that allows the whole thing to be tilted, for easy access to the fuse block that is placed inside.

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