Here’s a list of businesses that I’ve purchased from, and comments about each one of them.

Bugs and Buggies (Tucson, Az):

    Good shop, friendly people with good advice. I heard they’re working on a website.

California Import Parts:

    Good place for VW parts with reasonably fast shipping, and good prices. Good online ordering website.

Chirco (Tucson, Az):

    This VW / Sandrail place is in Tucson, so I usually stop by there and pick up my local parts. Decent guys, good inventory, and they have maintenance people on site if you need any help or advice.

Kennedy Engineered Products (KEP)

    The place to go to for high-quality VW clutches, and engine coversion kits. They can adapt damn near any engine to a VW transaxle, giving you a unique sandrail!


    Very knowledgable and helpful. I’ve emailed these people numerous times with obscure Mazda questions, and they usually have good well-thought answers. They sell Racing Beat products also.

Racing Beat:

    They make some good hard-to-find products for Mazda engines. You can buy products direct from them or

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