Manx Pictures

Pictures of Scott’s Turbocharged Aircooled Manx-style Volkswagen Dune Buggy

These are pictures of my turbocharged manx-style dune buggy from the dunes/beach area just south of Florence, OR. The engine is a 1600cc aricooled vw engine. The turbo is an IHI RHB5 turbo off a Subaru. Carb is a Weber progressive 32/36 DFEV.

manx spinning out
Manx sliding during a turn at the big hill in Florence, OR
manx getting ready to climb hill
Manx at big hill in Florence, OR
manx at top of big hill
At the top of the big hill
manx going down hill
Going down the hill
manx ready to climb hill again
Ready to climb the big hill again
manx down hill again
Manx down the hill again
you have reached the end of the beach
MAnx at the end of the beach
front view
Front view, parking lot
side view
Side view, at the beach
back view with turbocharger
Rear view w/ Turbo Charger
driver's side facing dunes
Side view, looking from ocean


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