Product Reviews: Mooshimeter, Raspberry Pi Black Slices Case, Powerhorse Surface Cleaner

Here are a trio of product reviews. The first is the Mooshimeter:

Mooshimeter is a DMM accessory for use with your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. It communicates over bluetooth to the device. It supports multiple channels so you can measure both current and voltage simultaneously (very handy!). I needed a secondary DMM for the bench, and it seemed like a good buy. I’m very pleased with it and have used it for several projects already. I highly recommend it if you need an additional DMM. It can graph measurements over time which is great for seeing trends.

Next up is the Raspberry Pi Black Slices Case:

I needed some cheap cases for some raspberry pi projects. Often I make my own cases using Ponoko, but for something simple, it was easy just to find a cheap one. When looking for the black slices case, make sure to price shop. I found mine for ~ $4.25 each on eBay, plus approximately $2 shipping. On Amazon they are selling for as much as $19.95. It’s a cheap case but seems reasonably durable and easy to put together. I like that I can leave the top cover off for projects that need an exposed top.

Finally we have the Powerhorse Surface Cleaner

What? This isn’t an electronics project or tool!?!? Oh well. It gets lumped into this week’s review page. I needed to power wash the front and back patios of my house. I tried it with the nozzle that came with my pressure washer and it just wasn’t good enough. So, I bought this surface cleaner from Northern Tool. I’d say it cleans at least 5 times faster than the nozzle that came with my power washer, and does a far more thorough job.

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