NETLOD Bug & Status

NETLOD is currently in beta (alpha?) state, so there are bound to be many problems in the initial releases. I have made the decision to release betas early on, so that people can find problems as I continue working on the project.

Before reporting a bug, Please check the Known Bugs list below.

Reporting Bugs

Known Bugs

Features that are not yet Implemented

Features that are implemented, and should work

Suggestion List

Reporting Bugs

Please check the known bug list (and unimplemented features) first to ensure that what you’re reporting isn’t already known about.

“bugs” are generally defined as things that don’t work right (i.e. you drop an item and it disappears).

“unimplemented features” are large-scale items that aren’t working. For example, fortresses, taverns, etc.

Known Bugs

Check the revision history to see if your bug has been fixed by a newer version.

Bugs in current version:

  • Balance issues: Medkit use and parrying make combat too easy.
  • Cyclops eye not required to enter Freedom City
  • DW Badge not required to enter DWHQ
  • Widow base not accessable
  • Debug messages not written to console in BCW version

Bugs from previous version:

  • Not enough screen room for 800×600 users
  • Running from certain monsters (hulk?) causes a gpf
  • Energizer Bunny can’t fight because Vortex Cell not implemented
  • Trader has too many inventory items and they are overflowing his equipment slots.
  • When you run and a monster is automatically deleted, it may corrupt the next monster to be loaded.
  • Useless items (i.e. armor/0, shield/0, etc) should disintegrate when dropped by monsters.
  • Random monster inventory items are showing up 100%
  • Combat view command does not work
  • Entrance to hell has problems
  • Division by zero in the cost comparison routines

Unimplemented Features

Grenades, FlashBombs
Miscellaneous items
Laptop and ROMs. These may be completely eliminated in favor of something else….

Dialog, Fortresses

Many special purpose locations (casino machines, SSSS, taverns, troop quarters, boss monsters, etc)

I intend for the server to “checkpoint” consistant images of the game periodically for crash recovery. This is not yet working. You must gracefully exit the game to save consistent state (I suggest logging out and then closing the main window).

Things that should work!

Stores, Cities, Pylons.

Medkit, Rations, Stealth Field Generators, LRScan, Keys

All long range and short range weapons should work. Some special features (stun, dpulse, etc) are not yet implemented.

All armor types and shields.

Should be mostly functional.

Remote Connections:
The Gterm client when hosting a local game will allow remote people to log in. For example, you hit <Local>, then another person can type your IP address and hit <Connect> to connect to your game.

Suggestion List

These are suggestions, either from users, or my own plans.

  • Containers — some way to store additional inventory items. These may be bags, chests, etc. Some containers may be able to hold active items (i.e. ammo packs), while others may only hold passive items.
  • Helmets
  • Vehicles (cars, airplanes)
  • Real time map updates for multiple players
  • Multi-player chat
  • Camoflage armor
  • Camoflage-only SFGs (and bump the existing SFGs up in cost)

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