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Super Galactic Warzone

Super Galactic Warzone, or SGW, is intended to be a sequel to the original Galactic Warzone which I wrote back in the late 80’s. SGW is still under development, but I hope to have a release ready by January, 1996. SGW will be written completely from scratch and utilize modern programming techniques.

SGW’s main design goals:

  • Customizable Datasets w/ LGPL support to allow unique scenarios to be created
  • Simple, open file format. Every item in SGW, whether it be a ship, weapon, port, or whatever is considered a “device”. Thus dataset designers will be able to create just about anything!
  • Low memory requirements. This is a first for me! :) SGW’s device-oriented design does not require huge memory requirements as some of my other program do.
  • Multi-platform support. I’m planning both DOS and OS/2 executables.
  • Simplicity of use. Rather than confuse the user with a lot of obscure commands and devices, we’re going to try to keep the interface as simple as possible while still provide a large degree of freedom in terms of customizable devices.

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