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Galactic Warzone

Galactic Warzone was my first successful BBS door game and predated Land Of Devastation.¬† It was a Trade Wars style game, with many enhancements and additional features. I think I began the project some time in ‘88 or ‘89, but I don’t recall the exact data. The last version I released, 7.6, was released in August of 1990.

Galactic Warzone was very popular in it’s time, more people remember my collection with it than any of my other projects, including LOD. I didn’t do a very good job of marketing (i.e. the ill-fated honor system based registration), but I did receive a few thousand dollars¬†in donations which was pretty good since I was in high school at the time. I eventually became bored with the project when I got into LOD, and sold it to another author.

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