Z8000 Speech Synthesizer

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Yep, your read it right. This is the speech synthesizer board for the Zilog Z8000 Modular Computer. Every one of my vintage computing projects gets a speech synthesizer board at some point in its life. Why a speech synthesizer? Well, it was my most loved peripheral back in the day. I still remember when I got my Realtalker for the TRS-80 coco. Anyhow, I reminisce. Let’s talk about the speech board for the Z8000 computer.

The speech board lets you choose between two ICs, either the GI SP0256A-AL2 or the Votrax SC-01A. Note: The Votrax support is currently untested. I have so far only been using the SP0256 with this board. There’s a jack for a speaker and a line out if you feel the need for an external amplifier (after all you want the best voice quality out of your vintage 80s speech synthesizer, right?)

I’ve also written a program called SAY.Z8K that will translate from English text to SP0256 phonemes so that you can simply say english words from the CP/M command line.


Here it is:

Bill of Materials (BOM)

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Board Images

Z8000 Speech Board with SP0256A-AL2 speech synthesizer IC

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